Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is a legal requirement in any business establishment.
We have years of experience in installing and maintaining Emergency lighting systems in all types of commercial properties from Bus Garages to offices and retail outlets.

We can offer complete installations in buildings with no existing Emergengy lighting systems or additions/ modifications to existing installations to allow them to comply with ongoing changes to regulations for a safe working environment.

Emergency lighting also needs regular testing to comply with Regulations and we can offer a full service.

Monthly functionality, half yearly and more extensive annual tests are required and results need to be retained.

On any new installation or maintenance package we provide a log book to be kept on site,in which all fittings are detailed with location and types and results of each test recorded for inspecting by the fire officer.

If you require any emergency lighting testing or repairs, get it touch with us on 01527 831335 or email office@propertyservicescentral.co.uk