Planned Maintenance

Planned preventative and statuary maintenance tailored to your needs

We can carry out various tasks throughout the year with written reports and certification. A bespoke system can be set up for your premises, school/nursery that manages the welfare of your premises and any pupils within it.
We can carry out the following services and inspections throughout the year to keep you up with your statutory and preventative maintenance guidelines.

  • Fire alarm testing
  • Emergency lighting testing
  • Fixed wiring (periodic testing
  • NICEIC electrical certification
  • Portable appliance testing
  • Fixed appliance testing
  • Asbestos reports
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Fire doors and escape routes
  • Legionella control
  • Cleaning of drains gutters, down pipes, wastes, urinals and toilets
  • Trip hazards, fixings and fixtures
  • CCTV systems
  • Door entry systems
  • Air conditioning units
  • Extraction units
  • Gas testing, including cookers and extraction
  • Boiler and heating servicing
  • Insulation and potential energy saving reports
  • Environmental problems assessed
  • Leaking pipe work even if not visible, IE internal overflows and internal leakage
  • Tree and foliage problems including poisonous growth
  • Water temperature testing
  • Pest control
  • Windows and openers
  • Fencing, gates and security

We can arrange all of the above works, reports and planned maintenance; provide you with the certification and paper work required to meet all of the relevant regulations and related guidelines.
If you wish us to carry out planned maintenance for you, we will attend site and after an initial assessment, we will devise a maintenance plan to suit you and inform you when certain aspects require testing and/or maintaining. We will then arrange for these services to be carried out.
Fees can be paid over an agreed monthly period of time, or when you are satisfied that the work has been completed.
We are happy to work out of normal hours to provide a service that will not affect the normal running of the premises and all of our engineers are CRB advanced checked.
We can arrange one off tests or tailor-make a maintenance plan to suit you. If you require any further information or advice please call us for a friendly informal chat. You can also request a free on site survey to discuss any services, maintenance or installation works that you may require now or in the future.

Example of a typical maintenance schedule

Fire alarm testing – Each week/month we will test your fire alarm using different call points each time, we will inspect the sounders and visually inspect the system. Each year an annual service and test will take place. Each visit will be entered within the onsite fire log book.

Emergency lighting testing – Each month we will test the emergency lighting of selected fittings and a visual check of charging indicators and lamps.
1st quarter we will test the lights for a one hour period
2nd quarter we will test the lights for a two hour period
3rd quarter we will test the lights for a one hour period
4th quarter we will test the lights for a 3 hour period.
Every three years we will carry out a test and inspection of the whole system and provide an NICEIC certificate of compliance.
All visits will be entered into the onsite emergency lighting log book.

Fixed wiring periodic test and inspection – We will carry out a general testing and inspection of the fixed electrical system every four months and report all findings.
Every five years we will carry out a periodic test and inspection of the electrical installation as per the 17th edition electrical wiring regulations and issue an NICEIC certificate of compliance.

Portable appliance and fixed appliance testing – We will test all of your portable and fixed appliances each year and report on our findings. Appliances with elements are to be tested 6 monthly.
Each appliance will be number coded and have a test trail linked to them which is certified.

Asbestos reports – All schools and nurseries should hold an asbestos log book. We identify these areas and check them monthly to ascertain if any damage or leaks have occurred, and if any maintenance is required to stop the asbestos being disturbed. A report will be given each month.

Fire extinguishers – Each month we will check all of the fire extinguishers, including; Making sure they are not blocked by other equipment, evaluate the pressure levels, check the nozzle is clean and intact, check that the pin is in place and that the tamper seal has not been broken, sign the monthly tag that will be supplied to each unit.

Fire risk assessment – Fire doors, escape routes and signage will be inspected each month and a report on the condition and of any findings.
Our fire officer will carry out a fire risk assessment at the premises once a year and report on his/her findings within a booklet. This will show cause for concern that may be found.
The report will identify any risks that may be present and evaluate the seriousness of these risks and a guide to correct them.
Staff fire training can also be given.

Legionella – Each month we will test the temperature of the water from taps to ascertain that they are within safety guidelines. Every quarter we clean and disinfect shower heads. We will also report and remove any redundant pipe work and check on slow running systems.

Drainage – Every twelve months we clean the gutters, down pipes, drains, wastes, urinals and toilets.

Trip Hazards, fixings and fixtures – Each month we visually inspect for any potential trip hazards. We also check the fixings to hand rails, staircases, doors, shelving, frames, locks and windows, and report any problems.

CCTV and door entry systems – We can supply and install CCTV and door entry systems that can be accessed through a secure internet connection. We can also maintain existing systems.

Air conditioning units – Each month the air conditioning filters are changed. Each year the units are serviced, internally and externally.

Extraction units – Each quarter, the extraction units are cleaned and tested.

Gas test including gas cookers; Boilers, plant and cookers tested annually and certificated also a radon test to be carried out.