Suspended Ceilings

What are suspended ceilings?
You’ve probably seen many suspend ceilings and not even realised, the help with hiding air ducts, piping and wiring in buildings. They are an extension to the existing ceiling consisting of suspended metal grids. Once the grid framework is made, tile panels are dropped into the framework to hide (in most cases) the pipes and wires above. You’ll find many suspended ceilings used in offices and schools where it is needed to hide air ducts and pipes to comply with health and safety regulations and create a more professional environment.

Suspended ceilings can also be used for sound absorption, it’s not uncommon for businesses to get a suspended ceiling fitted in a call centre that can sometimes become quite noisy keeping the sound confined to the one office by fitting additional sound proofing in-between the gap of the original roof and the suspended ceiling. Furthermore, adding insulation to your suspended ceiling can also help keep energy costs down with better heat insulation.

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